Landscape Restoration

  • Large-scale designs conserve and enhance the distinct regional vernacular, resulting in sustainable landscapes that are area-appropriate, visually stunning, and biologically rich.
  • Ecosystems (such as maritime dune, freshwater marsh, upland forest, sun-filled meadow) guide and inform our created landscapes, especially their form and function.
  • Habitat recreation and re-establishment of local plant communities enhance the environmental integrity of the restored landscape.
  • Examples of our work – selected projects
  • Con Edison, Elmsford, NY
    Restored former parking lot into sunny meadow dominated by perennial warm-season grasses and wildflowers. Chosen species encourage groundwater recharge and invite native pollinators while preserving the regional character.

    Co-op City Greenways, Bronx, NY
    Determined plant palette and design for two native planting islands for the Open Space Master Plan by considering the site’s history as a former salt marsh, visual compatibility, natural associations, and ecological relationships with the larger watershed.