Botanical Inventories & Ecological Assessments

  • Floristic inventories and plant identification
  • Site analysis and identification of long-term management strategies for existing natural habitats
  • Restoration and management of plant populations and vegetative communities
  • Protocols for conservation of rare plant populations
  • Current research: NYC Native Plant Conservation Initiative
  • In partnership with NYC Parks & Recreation’s Greenbelt Native Plant Center and Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Before urbanization, many of New York City’s native plant species had large, contiguous populations. Today, populations are apt to be smaller with greater distances between them. Loss of open space due to development makes these local populations of native plants vulnerable to extirpation (local extinction). In fact, plant populations are declining throughout the five boroughs. This collaborative study examines whether local plant species are maintaining their genetic variability and population fitness. This information will inform management strategies designed to reverse these trends. Begun in spring 2007, the pilot program focuses on 34 species of plants that are infrequently found in New York City.


    Photo by Graham Morrison