Native Plant Display Garden at Union Square Park

Iris Cristata

Crested iris (Iris cristata)

Conceived and designed the garden at East 15th Street and Union Square West. Featuring plants native to the New York City area, the garden is a habitat haven for birds, bees, and butterflies, and engages New Yorkers with their local flora.  The garden also reflects our local natural heritage, is a model for thoughtful, ecological designs in public parks, and encourages place-based nature education in our schools.

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The Native Plant Display Garden is a not-for-profit project through our fiscal sponsor, Open Space Institute.  In 2008 the garden received its first grant from Hudson River Foundation’s NYC Environmental Fund.  Since 2006, Drosera has raised over $21,000 for plants, soil, and other garden materials and administration and outreach programs through grants, public partnerships, and private donations.

Native Plant Display Garden in mid-May

Native Plant Display Garden in mid-May