2011 Is Five Borough Year of Biodiversity

As the year 2010 drew to a close, so too did the United Nation’s International Year of Biodiversity. This year-long, global recognition of our planet’s vital biological diversity was meant to elevate this issue nearer to the top of the political agenda. I’m not sure that this goal was met.

A quick search of “biodiversity” on the New York Times website yields only a handful of articles on the topic in the past month (with “biodiversity” mentioned by readers about two dozen times). A comparison of Google search trends of biodiversity and climate change in 2010 shows that “climate change” was searched for more than twice as often as “biodiversity” and “global warming” more than four times as often.

Even the star power of actor Edward Norton, who was appointed by the UN as a Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity, hasn’t done enough to capture the media and public’s attention on this issue.

That’s why I hope 2011 will be Five-Borough Year of Biodiversity.

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